Non-vacuum blood collection tubes 10ml

non-vacuum blood collection tube

Category: non-vacuum blood collection tube


Yellow GDN050SP non-vacuum tube 5ml Fluoride oxalate PP

Green GD050EK non-vacuum tube 5ml EDTA.K3 PP    

Red GD050A non-vacuum tube 5ml Pain PP

Blue GD050A non-vacuum tube 5ml Heparin lithium PP

All four kinds tube can be made 10ml.

Materials: PP

Volumes: 5ml,10ml

Tube dimensions: 18*55mm,16*100mm

Packing:100 pieces/rack and 10 racks/carton

Item NOSpecificationQuantity(pcs)Measurement(cm)
GDN0100A10ml Plain Non-vacuum blood tube,white cap100084*20.5*25
GDN0100LH10ml Lithium Heparin  Non-vacuum blood tube,Dark blue cap100084*20.5*25

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